In advanced organic countries such as England, organic farming is already common, but in Japan, there are people who have just begun challenging organic gardening and farming in their home gardens. In Japan, "gardening" often refers to flowerbeds or plants in gardens, but in England, it also refers to vegetable gardens. Because they grow berries and herbs in addition to roses and other flowers, they are highly conscious about organic items and have developed farming methods.
Still, such experienced English gardeners also face the same troubles as Japanese gardeners when it comes to pests. The following introduces "The Suction Pest Exterminator" that exterminates pests without using pesticides and how convenient, comfortable, and safe it is to use.

In order to exterminate various-sized pests smoothly, two types of suction attachments are available. The attachment for leaves and flowers can be used for anything from small eggs to fast-moving big insects. The attachment for stems is effective for pests lurking on the stem such as aphids and scale insects. Exchange the attachment based on the pest's size and location of suction. The nylon brush works gently on plants but powerfully captures pests that shouldn't be touched, you don't want to touch, or difficult to capture.

While touching gently, it sucks in all at once!

Capture pests by gently stroking the flowers and leaves with the brush. A fan takes care of the suction, so even small eggs can be captured all at once. It's even effective for fast-moving pests.

For pests such as...

  • Attelabidae
  • Eggs on leaves
  • Fuller's Rose Weevil
  • Spider mite
  • Anoplophora

  • Cutworm
  • Larva of a Rose sawfly
  • Scarab Beetle
  • Shield bug

It wraps around for efficiency!

To use, pinch the stem with the attachment. The brush wraps around the stem, sucks in the pests surrounding the stem, and effectively captures and exterminates them.

For pests such as...

  • Eggs on stems
  • Aphid
  • Caterpillar

  • Larva
  • Larva of a Geisha distinctissima
  • Acanthocoris sordidus
  • Plataspid bug

  • Scale insect
  • Aphid

Do you have pets and don't want to use pesticides in the yard?

You don't want to use pesticides when taking part in gardening?

You don't want to use pesticides in your home garden?

Are you growing vegetables and fruit through pesticide free and organic farming?

You don't want to use pesticides in parks and flowerbeds where children and pets gather?

Are you growing roses?

Do you want to exterminate pests immediately without having to touch them?

Do you want to protect beneficial insects such as ladybugs, mantis, bees, and spiders?